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Sifu Peter Atkin began training Wing Chun in 1994 and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1995 and after training under several instructors in 1996 he finally met his Wing Chun Sifu and that was Sifu Joe Molnar of Knox Wing Chun. In December of 2004 Sifu Peter Atkin achieved his Wing Chun Gold Sash "Out of all my Wing Chun instructors I always found Sifu Joe Molnar was the real deal in Wing Chun and not only because of his physical skill but his theory was practical yet clever! Sifu Peter Atkin achieved his Red sash when he taught and graded his first Gold Sash student Sifu Matthew Edwards. Next was Dr./Sifu Antony Sutherland, Sifu Steven Elliott, Sifu Kaela Varrasso, and Sifu Michael Barry. Sifu Peter Atkin has also been training with Master Yau Yee Kay in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan since 1995. Master Kay is an amazing martial artist and has dedicated his life to training martial arts. "It is an honour and a privilege to be a student of his and I am always learning more with him everytime I train with him", says Sifu Peter Atkin



The Eastern Kung Fu Academy was started in 2004 in the suburb of Boronia by Sifu Peter Atkin. Located at 2/236 B Dorset road. Running six days a week with both day and evening classes available.


Eastern Kung Fu Pty Ltd has two directors Sifu Peter Atkin and Siji Jo Poon.
Sifu Peter is the founder and chief instructor at Eastern Kung Fu and Siji Jo is the managing director.


Eastern Kung Fu Academy is located at level 2, 236b Dorset Rd, Boronia Vic 3155.


At Eastern, we show you how to deflect rather than block hard or hit block. We attack and defend simultaneously - as Bruce Lee once said " Best defense is a good offense" If you are quite small and you think you can hit the bone of a larger stronger human because you know Wing Chun You may be in for a shock as there are no secrets in martial arts anymore Don't be fooled by buzz words like full intensity or the secret way See the proof of real effective methods If it worked for a woman 300 years ago in China it can work for anyone today in Australia We don't rely on the use of brute force unless we are certain it is effective for the situation. Be smart in fighting not tough is the Wing Chun Way Being tough is discipline, patience, and most important constant practice These are the principles you need to be the best you can be regardless if you are a fighter or a lover At Eastern we take our time to show you the basic forms, stances, footwork, defensive/offensive techniques,  sticking arm drills Repetition and slowing it down is the best just as the Sil Lim Tao form shows us Repetition is needed to develop muscle memory but if you practice incorrectly you will make the mistake the primary habit or response The shortest path is always to take your time when learning a skill, this ensures correct technique! So when you begin you will not be submitted, knocked out, or thrown so injury is minimised and you will progress As you progress the intensity will increase but the focus is always on control at eastern.

Eastern Wing Chun specialises in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu for the modern world. Our focus is on applied, useable, self defense. Ten level grading structure on Wing Chun forms & applications, 7 stances/footwork, chi sao (sticking hand drill), self defense (EKF street defense), Wing Chun grappling, joint locking, ground work and takedowns, Wing Chun sparring, Wing Chun butterfly swords and dragon pole drills, sparring and EKF Core Cardio Class Saturdays @ 11:45am Eastern Tai Chi specialises in Genuine Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 88 (long version). Yang style is the softest version of Tai Chi. Slow movement with deep breathing with a focus of strengthening the internal. Also, it is very good for balance, flexibility and core strength. It's all about being comfortable when exercising. Progressing in skill and strength constantly softly and slowly no rush, slow and steady wins the race. Young Dragons Kids Kung Fu ages 4 - 12 is about Focus, Discipline, Skill and Fun. Young Dragons focus is on the Sil Lim Tao form, Advanced Sil Lim Tao form and the Wooden Dummy Form. Wing Chun stances and footwork. Wing Chun technique and self defense methods adapted for children in the modern world. Best defense is to not be there and avoid at all costs. Wing Chun Chi Sao (Sticking Arm Drill) touch reflex training for close range. Kids chi sao is adapted to be more basic, educational and fun. Wing Chun punching and kicking methods, striking the padded sifu (teacher) or sihing (instructor) and kids tournament punching and kicking application. Young Dragons Kids Sparring (all kids sparring is non-contact and students must have appropriate sparring gear) focus is on control, technique,being a good but fair competitor and most important to focus on progressing in skill. Young Dragons Groundwork, rolling, break falls, ground defense all adapted to move from the ground and back into Wing Chun stances. Lots of fun and a great workout. Ten level grading structure to improve skill, confidence. Gradings are only twice a year and students receive a written grading sheet with information on what to work on with all aspects of their kung fu training. Once they have passed their grading, they receive a new sash and a certificate on the day so no waiting for a new level. I hope this information has been helpful, for any information please contact Sifu Peter Atkin at sifupeterekfa@gmail.com. Left fist right palm.



At Eastern Kung Fu our vision is to help each and every student transcend to a higher mental and physical level through the art of Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan. 

Sifu Peter Atkin: "I endeavour to pass on my Wing Chun Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to the best of my ability regardless of the skill level of the student".



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