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Master Peter Atkin
Sifu Peter discovered Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1994. Training under various World class Wing Chun practitioners. He achieved his gold sash in December of 2004 under Sifu Joe Molnar of Knox Wing Chun in Melbourne. In 1996 Sifu Peter Atkin began training Traditional 88 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi to complement his Wing Chun training. Learning under the keen eye of Master Kay who has trained Yang and Chen style tai chi, Bagua, Lu He Bafa, Southern White Crane, Long Fist. He also has a black belt in Shotokan karate, Taekwondo and Judo. In 2004, Peter established the Eastern Kung Fu Academy based in Boronia, in the leafy south east of Melbourne, Victoria. “Training in both Wing Chun and Tai Chi, the Eastern Kung Fu Academy is about the balance between the internal and the external in kung fu. Understanding that to be a more complete kung fu practitioner we must understand them both and find the balance between Yin and Yang.” “The original idea of Wing Chun was the ability to deflect and strike simultaneously a wise Sifu once said". Wing Chun is a linear style , efficient technique while still being an effective martial art in any situation . We focus on the shortest path in defense and offense. To get the job done quickly as possible.” We pledge to train constantly to transcend our physical and mental skill. Respect, Tolerance and Consideration for myself and others in and outside of the Eastern Kung Fu Academy. 






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